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The Services provided for construction projects can be classified by the typical stages of the construction process, including::

Initial project planning, Design, Pre-construction review, Construction, and Final Inspection/Warranty

Porter VanArsdale will be communicating with the client at every stage, providing insightful advice and consulting on every aspect of the construction process.

SITE SELECTION (if applicable) : For new buildings/residences, Porter VanArsdale can provide insightful advice based on 25 years of experience in the local real estate market, including such considerations as property value, code issues, etc.

PHYSICAL SCOPE OF PROJECT: A complete review of the scope of project will be undertaken, including all major items impacting scheduling and cost.

BUDGETARY PARAMETERS: A rough order of magnitude cost of the project will be determined by Perter VanArsdale based on the project scope

STYLE/THEMING: Porter VanArsdale will consult with the client to arrive at a mutual understanding of the conceptual style and theme of the project before any actual designs are undertaken.

DESIGN PROFESIONAL SELECTION: Should the client require advice concerning the selection of Design Professionals such as Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, etc., Porter VanArsdale can facilitate the choices based on style and other factors.

PERMITTING/CODE CONSIDERATIONS: The sensitive environment of the SW Florida coast has engendered many governmental regulations and codes which may have a significant effect of project planning. Porter VanArsdale is familiar with these issues, and can provide key consulting at the earliest stages

SCHEDULING: The project duration and scheduling can be determined during this stage to optimize the impact on the client's living arrangements.

DESIGN TEAM COORDINATION: Porter VanArsdale will ensure that the design objectives determined in the previous stage are met in an overall team sense from the beginning, coordinating such factors as municipal zoning codes, setbacks, grading/drainage, structural issues, exterior landscape/siting vs architectural needs, parking/circulation, etc. Some form of charette session could be utilized for projects needing broad collaboration.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: Depending on the scope of the project, conceptual designs may be undertaken to present different approachs to a design solution that meets the client's satisfaction.

DESIGN SCHEDULING: The coordination of the design team deliverables in the form of estimating stage drawings, progress drawings, and final construction and permit drawings.

BUDGET REVIEW: During the design phase, a budget review will be undertaken as part of the overall process, and adjustments such as value engineeringmade if required.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION DRAWING/SPECIFICATION RELEASE: All drawings and specifications required for permitting, bidding, and construction will be reviewed for completeness and code compliance.

PROJECT SCHEDULE REVIEW: All facets of the project schedule will be outlined and reconciled to meet the overall project deadlines, with municipal permitting receiving close scrutiny in terms of schedule impact.

FINAL DRAWING RELEASE: Final drawings and specifications are issued for bidding and permitting at this stage, subject to strict revision control.

BIDDING AND BID AWARD PROCESS: Porter VanArsdale will coordinate the bidding and bid award process for key contractor and subcontracters in the construction process. Additionally, RFI's and shop drawing reviews will be managed as well, ensuring that optimum results are abtained

PROJECT SCHEDULE REPORTING: During the entire construction process, periodic reporting in terms of milestone completion and schedule slippage will be undertaken.

JOB SITE MONITORING: Constant observation of the project will occur, with on-site interaction with contractors, municipal inspectors, subcontractors, etc.

CLIENT INTERACTION: Porter VanArsdale will keep the client abreast of the latest development and issues during the construction process.

HEALTH/SAFETY: The job site will be kept clean and orderly, with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of construction personnel and visitors, including conformance to safety codes and regulations.

INSPECTIONS/PUNCH LISTS: Key inspections and observations will be performed, and documented as dictated by the project schedule. All punch lists will be reconciled to the satisfaction of the client and PorterVanArsdale.

FINAL INSPECTION: Prior to issue of final municipal documents, Porter VanArsdale conducts preliminary inspections and punch list resolution to ensure a smooth final inspection process.

WARRANTY: The agreed warranty period is the time that a client comes to fully appreciate the craft and spirit of Porter VanArsdale Construction. Issue and problems that may surface are quickly resolved, and new and innovative solutions may also arise to the greater satisfaction of the client!